Here you will find a small but nice choice of individually handcrafted jewellery and accessories. Each piece is one of a kind.
I essentially use handpicked beads and natural materials.
Your favourite outfit will appear even more perfect with a style and colour-coordinated piece of jewellery - it is more than just an accessory!


Krobo beads from Ghana, Passementerie silk beads from Marrakech, ice quartz agate beads, ceramic beads, Polaris beads, wooden beads, garnet stone and mini Entada seeds and a nickel-free magnetic bead clasp.

Length: 55 cm
Price: 136,00 € + Shipping costs




Centre piece is an antic African glass beat, shell slices and nacre beads from Thailand, Rudraksha tree wood beads from India, Polaris beads and a nickel-free magnetic bead clasp.

Length: 44 cm
Price: 99,00 € + Shipping costs




Centre piece is a Sibucao seed, old bronze beads from Ghana, glass beads from Murano, copal beads from Morocco, Krobo beads from Ghana, garnet stone beads, onyx marble heart-shaped beads and a nickel-free magnetic clasp.

Length: 46 cm
Price: 142,00 € + Shipping costs




Centre piece is a Tagua nut, bamboo coral beads, Tagua slices, Millefiori from Murano, Opal beads, ceramic beads, Jumbie beads (red sandalwood tree) and a nickel-free screw clasp.

Length: 49 cm
Price: 140,00 € + Shipping costs




The heart centre piece, the flowers and all red beads are from bamboo coral, silver foil glass beads, turquoise and howlite beads and a decorative 925’ Sterling silver hook.

Length: 42 cm
Price: 104,00 € + Shipping costs



Lapis lazuli from Thailand, Krobo powder-glass beads from Ghana, glass beads, silver foil glass beads from Murano, Tiger eye and silk ribbon. The little heart is nickel-free and removable.

Length: variable from 45cm to 65cm thanks to the silk ribbon.
Price: 146,00 € + Shipping costs